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Training Programmes


-- Six Bowling Machines.

-- 20 fully covered nets with cement, turf, artificial turf and 'coir' matting wickets.

-- Quintic Video analysis Software and digital equipment.

-- Speed Check Radar.

-- Flood Lights facility for coaching after sunset.

-- Hostel for overseas and out-station trainees.

-- Transport facilities.

-- Only Cricket center in India that operates 365 days & 15 hours a day.

-- Provides All India tournament experience for Under 10, 13, 15, 17, 19, and Seniors.

-- In-house physio-therapist to attend to injuries.

-- Dedicated and passionate coaching staff.

-- All modern coaching aids ( Equipment ).

-- Fitness Trainers.

- Physical fitness: Cricket requires players to have good endurance, strength, agility, and flexibility. Regular cardio workouts, strength training, and flexibility exercises should be incorporated into your training routine.

- Batting skills: Work on your batting techniques, including grip, stance, footwork, and shot selection. Practice different types of shots like drives, cuts, pulls, and sweeps. Use batting drills to improve your timing and placement.

- Bowling skills: If you're a bowler, focus on developing your bowling action, run-up, and follow-through. Work on different bowling variations, such as pace, swing, spin, and seam bowling.

- Fielding skills: Cricket is a game where fielding can make a significant difference. Practice catching, throwing, diving, and sliding to become a better fielder.

- Wicketkeeping skills: If you're a wicketkeeper, work on your reflexes, catching technique, and positioning behind the stumps.

- Mental preparation: Cricket is as much a mental game as it is physical. Develop mental toughness, concentration, and focus. Practice visualization techniques to prepare for different match situations.

- Game strategy: Learn about different match situations and strategies. Understand how to read the game, set field placements, and make tactical decisions based on the opposition and pitch conditions.

- Net practice: Regularly participate in net sessions to refine your skills and get accustomed to match-like scenarios.

- Play matches: Participate in local and competitive matches to apply what you've learned in training and gain practical experience.

- Analyze your performance: Keep a record of your training and match performance to identify areas for improvement. Seek feedback from coaches and teammates.

- Rest and recovery: Allow your body to recover and avoid overtraining. Adequate rest is essential for preventing injuries and maintaining peak performance.

- Stay updated with the game: Watch professional cricket matches and analyze the techniques and strategies employed by top players.





Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC Bengaluru)
NO.32, R B A N M’s Main Ground, Gangadhar Chetty Road Near Commercial Street & Ulsoor, Lake,
Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042

Office: 080 2559 1089
Primary Mobile: +91 9008 675 618
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