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The prestigious invitation from Shyam Bhatia, a devoted cricket enthusiast and business tycoon who boasts the world's largest museum of cricket memorabilia, left the Karnataka Institute Of Cricket (KIOC) family in awe. The experience was nothing short of heartwarming, immersing them in the rich history of the sport they hold dear. Grateful for this cherished opportunity, the KIOC family left with hearts full of admiration and inspiration, further fueling their passion for cricket.



Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC Bengaluru)
NO.32, R B A N M’s Main Ground, Gangadhar Chetty Road Near Commercial Street & Ulsoor, Lake,
Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042

Office: 080 2559 1089
Primary Mobile: +91 9008 675 618
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Karnataka Institute of Cricket
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Cricket Institute

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