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Women's cricket holds immense importance for various reasons:

1-  Gender Equality: Women's cricket plays a crucial role in promoting gender equality in sports. It provides women with the same opportunities to excel in a sport traditionally dominated by men, helping break down gender stereotypes and promoting inclusivity.


2-  Empowerment: Women's cricket empowers female athletes, both on and off the field. It encourages them to pursue their passion, develop leadership skills, and gain self-confidence, contributing to personal growth and societal progress.


3-  Inspiring Role Models: Successful women cricketers serve as inspiring role models for young girls, encouraging them to dream big and believe in their abilities. These role models can have a profound impact on shaping the aspirations of future generations.


4-  Growth of Cricket: The growth of women's cricket has led to a wider fan base and increased interest in the sport globally. This has also contributed to the overall development and popularity of cricket as a sport.


5-  Economic Opportunities: The rise of women's cricket has created new economic opportunities for female athletes, coaches, support staff, and various stakeholders. It has also expanded the cricket industry, leading to investments, sponsorships, and increased revenue streams.


6-  Representation and Visibility: Women's cricket ensures better representation and visibility for women in the world of sports. Increased media coverage and broadcasting of women's matches give them a platform to showcase their skills and achievements to a broader audience.


KIOC Launched 2 Women's Cricket Clubs in 2008 :

I) KIOC Girls XI .

II) Bangalore Girls Cricket Club.


Recent achievements of our Women Cricketers:

* Veda Krishnamurthy selected to represent INDIA.

* Sindhu Ashok Selected for The India Women's World Cup Camp

*Vanitha VR played India

*Karuna Jain played India

*Sindhu Sreeharsha played U.S.A

* KIOC Girls XI Win the KSCA League.

* KIOC Girls XI Win The T20 State Championship.


We have number of Women Cricketer's who have represented India:

1) Mamtha Mabeen (Captain)

2) Karun Jain

3) Vanitha VR

4) Nooshin Al Khadeer

5) Veda Krishnamurthy 

6) Akshata Rao (USA Women's Team)

7) Sindhu Sreeharsha (U.S.A Women's Team)

8) Sonia Odedera (England Women's Team)

9) Anuradha Doddabalapur (Captain - Germany Cricket Team)

10) Anika Kolan ( USA Under 19) 

11) Chandu V Om (India Women's Challenger Trophy - 2021)





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