At the Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC), we take immense pride in the incredible accomplishments of our star cricketers. Our institute has been a nurturing ground for exceptional talent, and our star achievers have gone on to make a significant impact in the world of cricket. These remarkable individuals have not only made their mark on the domestic stage but have also shone brightly in international cricket, bringing laurels to our institute and the nation.


These star achievers are the pride of KIOC, and their achievements stand as a testament to the institute's commitment to nurturing cricketing talent. The dedicated coaching staff at KIOC have played a pivotal role in shaping these cricketers into the stars they are today. We celebrate their success and are grateful for the honor they bring to our institute.


As we continue our journey in promoting cricketing excellence, we remain dedicated to providing the best coaching, facilities, and support to aspiring cricketers. Our star achievers' journey serves as an inspiration to the next generation of cricketers, encouraging them to dream big and work hard to achieve their cricketing goals. At Karnataka Institute of Cricket, we are committed to producing more star achievers who will make their mark in the world of cricket and contribute to the game's legacy.

Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC Bengaluru)
NO.32, R B A N M’s Main Ground, Gangadhar Chetty Road Near Commercial Street & Ulsoor, Lake,
Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042

Office: 080 2559 1089
Primary Mobile: +91 9008 675 618
Email: cricketkioc@hotmail.com
Web : www.kioc.net



Karnataka Institute of Cricket
Cricket Training Institute


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